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Silke Goebel - Refresher lessons

I learnt to drive over 25 years ago in Germany. Since coming to the UK 20 years ago I have driven only occasionally and have lost a bit of confidence in my driving abilities. So the lessons with Martin were exactly the right thing to do. After some lessons on roundabouts, motorways, dual carriageways, driving on small country lanes and driving in the dark, I am feeling much more confident about my driving skills and actually am enjoying driving again! All thanks to Martin. It has been a real pleasure. He is so relaxed and reassuring while obviously on top of everything. Thanks so much!

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I really enjoyed my lessons with Martin, he was very friendly and helped make passing my test a breeze!

It is because of Martin’s calm and professional teaching, I am a more confident and happy driver than I was before! I have a U.S. license but always secretly felt I wasn’t a good driver so had no conf

Martin is a great teacher. he is very patient and clear and helped me to build up my confidence as i was learning to drive. i would recommend Ellis driving school to anyone.