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Laura Stone

I was extremely anxious about learning to drive and had built it up into a huge deal in my head. Martin was exactly what I needed to help me through my nerves and self doubt. Calm, reassuring and encouraging, always giving clear instruction and positive helpful advice. I cannot thank Martin enough for his patience and at times much needed good humour. I loved the car too, super easy to drive and manoeuvre. I highly recommend Ellis driving school and would give 10 stars if there was the option! Thank you
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I really enjoyed my lessons with Martin, he was very friendly and helped make passing my test a breeze!

It is because of Martin’s calm and professional teaching, I am a more confident and happy driver than I was before! I have a U.S. license but always secretly felt I wasn’t a good driver so had no conf

Martin is a great teacher. he is very patient and clear and helped me to build up my confidence as i was learning to drive. i would recommend Ellis driving school to anyone.