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Grace Bathurst

My lessons with Martin were honestly the best I have ever received from a driving instructor. He is calm, cool and collected. Best of all he can deal with a very chatty student! Whilst maintaining professional teaching he can deal with the perfect amount of banter which is exactly what students need. Martin you have been a brilliant instructor and I wish you the best for the future - thanks for the many joyful lessons and putting up with me pointing out dogs!

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Ann-Marie Jordan

I needed a refresher lesson on parking and got exactly that. Martin was calm and very clear explaining what I needed to do to park safely. The diagrams of parking on the ipad were really helpful and I

Ben Taylor

Very good and helpful. Makes it easier to learn and prepares you well for the test

Maahvash Hassib

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Martin was patient, helpful, friendly and very thorough. Thank you again for getting me through my test 1st time!

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