• ELLIS Driving School

Grace Bathurst

My lessons with Martin were honestly the best I have ever received from a driving instructor. He is calm, cool and collected. Best of all he can deal with a very chatty student! Whilst maintaining professional teaching he can deal with the perfect amount of banter which is exactly what students need. Martin you have been a brilliant instructor and I wish you the best for the future - thanks for the many joyful lessons and putting up with me pointing out dogs!

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Kathryn Watson

Martin at ELLIS Driving School was an incredible tutor, he knew exactly what would be important in the test and was great at making me feel comfortable and confident when driving. Even through the pan

Ann-Marie Jordan

I needed a refresher lesson on parking and got exactly that. Martin was calm and very clear explaining what I needed to do to park safely. The diagrams of parking on the ipad were really helpful and I

Ben Taylor

Very good and helpful. Makes it easier to learn and prepares you well for the test