Martin's Top Test Tips

Here is a list of things to make sure that you do on your test.  Remember the list not exhaustive.


- If you go the wrong way or get in the wrong lane never panic, do what is safe and it doesn't matter if you go the wrong way. This includes driving independently or following the sat nav.

- Always remember to maintain a good following distance. 2 seconds in dry conditions, 4 seconds in wet and upto 10 times the normal in snowy or icy conditions.

- When meeting traffic (i.e. dealing with parked cars) slow down, plan and never take risks. If you are unsure whether you have space or time don't do it!


You must check your mirrors before

- Indicating.

- Changing direction.

- Changing speed (either braking or speeding up).

- You must check blind spots as well when moving off or changing lanes.


- Always read the signage on approach.

- Remember the exits are not always where you expect.

- Make sure you maintain good lane discipline.

- If you get in the wrong lane follow that lane to an appropriate exit.

- Mini roundabouts are hard to see sometimes you must look for the blue and white signs. 

Pulling over to stop

- Imagine you are leaving your car in that place overnight.

- Avoid junctions (not within 10 metres).

- Avoid driveways.

- Watch for signage and road markings.

- Remember you can pull over with another vehicle behind you as long as you are clear with your signalling and smooth.

Traffic Lights

- Plan on approach and anticipate what happens next.

- If lights turn to amber you can continue if you have crossed stop line or it is unsafe to brake in the space you have.

- At a roadworks the red sign saying where to stop is the stop line.

- If at a pelican crossing and lights start flashing amber you can go if there is no-one on the crossing.


- Check all mirrors and both blind spots throughout regularly when doing any manoeuvre.

- Remember if you go wrong you can fix it.
- Pause if anyone else is at risk. i.e. if any cars come along or pedestrians.

- Don't rush, take your time to get it right.

- Always complete your manoeuvre.

Emergency Stop

- Remember to check both blind spots and all mirrors before setting off again.