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Martin was recommended to me by a friend and I can certainly see why! His calm approach to lessons has enabled me to become a more confident driver along with the fact that all lessons are tailored to your needs. I never felt rushed by Martin during my lessons yet each week I was sufficiently challenged. I couldn't recommend Martin enough if you are looking for a professional and friendly driving instructor.
Poppy Clarke

The lessons were great, I really appreciated your patience and your calm manner. I wasn't very confident at the start, but you respected that and took it slowly. And when I made a mistake, you would explain the situation calmly and clearly.
Thanks for everything!
Adam Sattaur

Without a doubt, Martin was the best driving instructor I could have chosen to guide me through my practical test preparation. Having had several bad experiences with different instructors, including two failed test attempts, I was starting to think I would never be a qualified driver. However, after my first lesson with Martin my anxiety on the road began to lessen, largely due to his calm and kind manner of teaching and his wonderfully responsive car!  Throughout my lessons if I became flustered, Martin stayed calm and patient, gently reminding me of what I should do to get out of the situation that was making me anxious. This was highly unlike the response of my previous instructors who would panic when I panicked, making the situation worse.

Each lesson with Martin was extremely informative with a good balance of both verbal and visual explanation of manoeuvres and other aspects of driving through the use of an Ipad. The two-hour lessons were perfect for adequate practice of manoeuvres and gaining road confidence. Martins way of teaching was unique in that there were clear lesson plans and goals which were set at the end of the previous lesson. I found this extremely useful as I knew I was covering all situations which might come up on my test.

When it came to the test I felt far more relaxed and confident going in, in comparison to the previous two tests. Thanks to Martin’s instruction, I passed with only five driving faults!

Without hesitation, I would one hundred percent recommend Martin to any aspiring learner and I truly believe under his guidance anyone can learn to be a safe, confident driver!

Kaya Copeland

I would definatly reconmend Martin as a driving instructor. He is so calm and explains everything really well. With visuals on the tablet showing you as a guide and calmly going through each step. He lets you take things at your own pace, while still encouraging you to push yourself and letting you know you can do it. I am an anxious person and was really scared of driving but Martin put my mind as ease and helped with my confidence and i passed second time. After 4 months i am now driving all over including motorways. Thank you Martin for all your help and support.
Hayley Thompson

After having another instructor, Martin was a real breath of fresh air. With his calm nature and skill as an exceptional instructor he really brought my confidence as a safe driver to the surface. Martin knew exactly how to tailor lessons in order for me to progress as a capable driver. Such a lovely instructor, would thoroughly recommend to anyone, he is so knowledgeable and accommodating I really doubt there is anyone better ! Thanks Martin !
Amina Rizvi

Martin’s instructions were always clear and easy to understand. If there was ever a problem we talked through it together and he put me at ease. With Martin’s guidance I was prepared for the new style test and passed first time. I would recommend Martin to anyone. Thanks!
Tom Flatters

I really enjoyed learning with Martin. He was calm, collected and made me feel very secure in my learning. Martin was friendly, yet professional, and put me at
ease, especially in the run up to my test. I felt like I learned something substantial every lesson, and felt really prepared for my test. Thanks very much Martin!
Poppy Egan

Martin is an incredible driving instructor! He ensures that clears goals are set before every lesson; and instruction is delivered professionally, clearly and calmly. His friendly manner and patience enabled me to build my confidence on the road and become a competent and safe driver whilst feeling free of any pressure. Thanks to Martin, I was able to pass my driving test first time, and have recently completed a pass plus course with him which has broadened my experience and boosted my confidence even further. I would definitely recommend ELLIS driving school!
Mike Sumner

Massive thank you to Martin for being a great driving instructor! Couldn’t recommend him more. Pushes you to do your best when you’re ready and very professional too! Passed first time with 3 minors!
Ella Bailey

I would definitely recommend Martin as you're driving instructor.  After previously failing my test with a different instructor i decided to go with
Martin. He has alot of patience with his students and goes beyond to make them feel confident behind the wheel. If it wasn't for Martin i wouldn't have passed
my test. Thanks again Martin!
Reece Stevens

I am so glad I stumbled on to Ellis Driving School on Facebook. Martin was an amazing instructor very calm and patient. Made me feel so in control and safe. Even after a stressful lesson he reassured me that I was doing a good job and shouldn't give up. The 2 hour is a great idea as traffic in york can be terrible. And it's alot more focus driving instead of rushing around trying to get taught. And he differently made me test ready for THE BIG TEST. He did a mock with me and helped me get to the point I was ready for it. Even though I failed the first time due to nerves he again made me see the positive through the fail. He was really comforting though the tears and frustration. We had a few more lessons and I passed second time. He is also very funny and makes you feel better about driving. The hour lesson before test really helped calm the nerves. I will always have him in the back of my mind when driving especially when it comes to the two seconded rule, because only a fool breaks the two second rule. 
Thank you for everything Martin.
Ashley Fitzpatrick
Martin is a very helpful and efficient teacher. The 2h lesson plans are structured but not rigid as Martin is very aware of the drivers progress during the lesson and as the following sessions progress. He does not rush you and allows you to feel at ease with whatever your pace of learning is. He has the ability to sense uncertainty in the driver and is quick to correct any mistakes you may have. His emphasis on safe driving was key for me in passing my driving test and I would recommend Martin to anyone seeking a reliable and patient instructor.
Joella Panthradil

After being recommended Ellis Driving School by a friend I decided to learn to drive with Martin and I can honestly say he has been the best most supportive
teacher ever. He is so friendly the lessons were never awkward it was so great to have such a professional yet laid back teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my
experience learning to drive with Martin and I will be forever greatful to him for teaching me so well. It's something you never forget and a good teacher
makes the experience! I passed my practical first time and would hands down recommend Ellis Driving School to anyone.
Lia Michelli

Martin was an extremely professional and reliable driving instructor. He made sure to put you at ease as well as giving regular feedback to make sure you
improved each lesson. The lessons were well structured and Martin himself was friendly and easy to get along with. I strongly recommend learning to drive with
ELLIS Driving School.
Rebecca Chatwell

Martin's a great teacher, he has the patience of a saint and his lessons and teaching methods are so well planned to help develop and grow your driving skills and give you confidence. I loved learning to drive and a lot of that was down to such a good teacher, I can't recommend ELLIS Driving School enough!
Alice Prescott

Martin is a great instructor. He is very patient, calm and professional.  I had driven only automatic cars in different countries and was nervous driving a manual car at first but thanks to him I felt comfortable quickly. He knew exactly what I was doing wrong and how to improve. I had bad habits from the past experience and everytime I made the same mistakes he patiently corrected me and said "you have to make it (correct way) a habit."  And... now they are!
I drive now and catch myself doing how Martin taught me and think "wow, it really became part of me". It makes me confident and, most importantly, safe.
I recommend him to anyone anytime. He must be the best in York. Thank you for all the lessons!!
Megumi Oka

I have just recently passed my driving test, and I've found that choosing to take driving lessons with Martin was an excellent decision. I was originally a very nervous learner, and had a hard time thinking that could be overcome - but Martin was incredibly patient, and taught me some (really effective!) techniques for overcoming this nervousness and being able to drive well. I would certainly recommend him to new learners - his well-organized approach to teaching could make anybody into a good driver!
Nina Romo

Martin is a very skilled instructor who made me feel comfortable during our lessons. His patient and calm approach to teaching made driving a much more enjoyable experience which ultimately helped me gain confidence over the course of learning. Having already taken tests before learning to drive with Martin, I was hopeful that he would get me through my test quickly. As a first year student at the university, I thought i would struggle learning to drive in York as the roads are unfamiliar to me. However, after only a couple of months driving with him (having not driven for a few months) I passed my test feeling confident that I was able to drive on my own. On top of this, the roads I drove on during my test were all roads which I had previously driven on a number of times during lessons. Therefore, I felt comfortable driving on them and was able to effectively apply skills which i had learnt during my lessons (e.g. on my test, I had to cross a dual carriageway, and this is something I had practised a number of times in my lessons). I would highly recommend booking lessons with Martin, since I personally struggled with getting through the test and I managed to pass with his help in only a matter of weeks.
Alice Reeve 

Martin is a great instructor. I came to him having had quite a number of lessons, but was very nervous about driving. The lessons were amazing, and made me so much more confident. Martin is very patient and calm, and the whole process was very professional. I could see my progress right away, and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much! :)

Amy Jo Turner


Martin is such a great teacher. Patient, firm but friendly and adapts to ensure that you learn in a way you are comfortable with. At 33 years old I thought I would never learn to drive but with his guidance and infinite patience I am now driving alone with confidence. The two hour lessons are exactly what you need living in a City like York and is just the right amount of time.  Both my Husband and I have passed with Martin and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks, I don't think I would have passed without you.

Sam Hunter



I found Martin to be a patient and supportive teacher. He understood my weaknesses very quickly and organised a step-by-step plan to ensure they were addressed. What is truly distinctive about Ellis driving school is that they teach learners not only to pass the test, but to be safe and strong drivers once they've passed. I leave Ellis driving school a confident driver due to the high-standard teaching ability of Martin.

Emmanuel Oloruntola

My experience of learning to drive with Martin has been excellent. I knew I was going to be quite a nervous driver, but Martin made me feel at ease right from
the first lesson up until the day of my test. The 2 hour lessons were really good too, as plenty could be packed in to each lesson and they prepare you really well for driving for 40 minutes on the test. All the maneuvers were explained really clearly too. Even when I made silly mistakes, I never felt any pressure to get better at driving more quickly, which made learning to drive a stress-free experience. Martin clearly has a great understanding of how to let people learn at the their own pace and encourage them in a really positive way, I never got any negativity whatsoever. Overall, I had a great experience of learning to drive with Ellis Driving School and would 100% recommend to anyone, especially if you are a bit nervous about getting behind the wheel!

Lily Ellis-Clarke 

Combination of structured lesson plans and a relaxed and fun teaching style meant I looked forward to every lesson! Any confusions I had were quickly dealt
with and lessons were easy to book. Thanks so much Martin, can't recommend any higher!

Sam Grew

Martin is the best driving instructor you could get. He is really patient, calm and explains very well. I would definitely recommend him.

Manon Chaumely

I would highly recommend anyone for lessons with Martin. He is the second instructor I tried and he is very easy to get along with. Martin is very understanding and makes sure you're learning at a pace you're comfortable with. He is very calm, patient and helpful and always made me feel comfortable and at ease. He is also very encouraging and gave me loads of confidence while teaching me how to drive, not just how to pass my test! He also informs you when mistakes have been made and advises the best way to avoid them again.  I always enjoyed my 2 hour lessons and made good progress on each lesson. He is also very
organised with your progress and his teaching methods of making sure I understood a situation before I approached it were really helpful. He made sure I was ready and comfortable for my test and was very pleased for me when I passed! I can't thank you enough Martin, you are a brilliant driving instructor!

Catherine Renton

Martin is an exceptional driving instructor. From minute one he's gearing you up for your test without you even realising. This is through thorough teaching methods backed up with a wealth of driving and teaching ability. You can never ask too many questions nor will you be put outside of your comfort zone until he thinks you are ready and he will check first that you are confident to try something new. I wasn't particularly nervous on test day and managed to pass first time due to the amount of detailed preparation Martin had helped me with.
You won't find a better instructor...!

Mike Bourlet


My experience of learning to drive was very fun, varied and informative. The 2 hour lesson slots meant that lots of areas could be covered and allowed a wider variety of disciplines to be taught each week. Martin provided a patient approach which made me feel more relaxed whilst driving. Time slots were flexible which allowed me to carry on with other commitments and extra lessons were usually available if more than one lesson was wanted in one week. I loved the whole experience!

Amy Senior

Martin is a very cool, calm and collected instructor with a lot of patience. It is very easy to relax when driving with Martin as he gives lots of friendly advice and never gets annoyed or angry when a mistake is made. His techniques and instructions for manoeuvres, in particular, made them go from being one of my biggest worries to something I can do with no problems at all. I am extremely happy I decided to choose Martin as my driving instructor and would definitely recommend to anyone else.

William Cook

I will definitely recommend Martin as a driving instructor because he has years of experience! He wouldn't let you go for your exam if you are not confident!
He is very patient and explained thoroughly with any questions I had. He also tried to strengthen my weakness to make me more confident for example we did a
last minute parallel parking before my exam and also brought me to Huntington area to familiarise myself with mini-roundabouts. I passed my exam in ONE go!

So definitely Martin Ellis!

Mei See Wong

What a great driving instructor! Martin broke every driving move down into easy manageable steps and guided me through progressively more challenging driving in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident. He has a constantly calm teaching style and I never felt embarrassed for asking questions. I've experienced the slightly haphazard organisational style of other driving instructors, but Martin always made sure that lessons were organised well in advance to suit my availabilities and kept a really useful record of what we covered in each lesson. I can fully recommend!

Tove Hubbard


Huge thanks to Martin for being such a patient and thorough driving instructor. 

I found the prospect of learning to drive daunting but thanks to Martin's calm and encouraging approach, I really enjoyed my lessons and look forward to driving,

I couldn't recommend his teaching enough! 

Harriet Alexander

Martin is a fab driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anybody. He is very calm and supportive, yet is still critical in improvement areas in order to make sure you are driving the best that you can! I passed first time with Martin, and I can't thank him enough. By being such a good laugh and easy to talk to, it makes learning to drive fun - which is crucial! With 2 hour lessons, it gives you time to get warmed up to make the most of your lesson. Definitely recommend - thank you!

Kim Smith


Martin is a brilliant driving instructor. He is very easy to get along with. Martin’s always encouraging and patient. I am not a fluent English speaker, Martin has been very considerate, he used simply language to communicate with me, making sure that I could understand every steps and instructions during the learning process.  He taught me how to do the maneuvers correctly, and gave me plenty of time to familiarize with the gear changes. Martin also taught me how to be a safe driver. One thing that I liked the most about the lessons with Martin, was the tailor made lessons with my personal strengths and weaknesses. He helped me to build up my confidence when I’m driving on the road. Having Martin as my first instructor was very lucky, and I will highly recommend him to anyone who’s seeking for a perfect instructor.


Cherry Chau Yee Yiu


I'd been putting off learning to drive for about ten years, so when I finally decided to learn I was extremely nervous to start!  Martin was great at calming my nerves, and introduced me to the basics around empty car parks so I could build my confidence before moving onto the road.  The pace of the lessons was perfect, and the two hour long lessons were really useful for giving me plenty of time to relax into driving and practice a range of road scenarios and manoeuvres each week.
Martin is a very patient instructor and we always had good fun in the lessons!  He helped to build my confidence as a driver, which allowed me to pass my test
on my first attempt.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him! Thanks Martin!

Lauren Welbourne

Martin is a fantastic instructor, and I would recommend him to anyone. His experience, knowledge, and attitude towards driving made him a fantastic instructor, and allowed me to understand the rules of driving, as well as learn the skill, which lead to me passing first time on both theory and practical. He’s patient, thorough, encouraging, and he makes it easy to understand when he comes to explaining situations or techniques, whether that be approaching roundabouts, meeting traffic, performing manoeuvres, and generally driving. He made what is at first quite an overwhelming prospect, learning to drive, relaxed, enjoyable, and something you want to become good at. He’s also a good laugh too! So happy with my lessons, and now look forward to many years of driving, definitely thanks to Martin.

Freddie Hall

I feel really lucky to have been taught by Martin to drive. He was the ideal driving instructor: he was very patient, extremely helpful and he had a lot of
confidence in me. If there was anything I was struggling with, he would make sure that I knew what to do. I was very fortunate to have him!
If you are looking for a top quality driving instructor at a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend Ellis Driving School!

Katharine Niemeyer

Martin is a fantastic driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone! He was always very calm, encouraging and gave the best guidance possible. Martin is
also very friendly, easy to get on with and a great laugh making lessons stress-free and enjoyable. His lessons were always very well structured enabling
me to get the best out of every lesson. At times lessons were challenging after my confidence with driving grew, however this gave me wider experiences on
different roads and situations I might be faced with. Having the opportunity to gain these experiences in lessons enabled me to feel confident on the roads and
especially on the test route as it felt easier to deal with, this allowed me to pass first time!!
Learning to drive with Martin was excellent and I can't thank you enough for all of your help!

Charlotte Jacques-Smith

I cannot recommend Martin enough as a driving instructor. He's friendly and easy going which meant that I always looked forward to a lesson. No matter what your ability is, he will work with you to ensure you pass, which I was able to do first time! 

Ali Gomerson


Previous to Martin, I had experience with two other driving schools. Ellis Driving School has by far been the best one and is the one I believed helped me pass first time. The 2 hour lessons are also a bonus, it’s much easier to learn your driving school in that time than it is an hour. Martin incredibly understanding has high patience and very helpful when I hadn’t driven for over 9 weeks and helped me build my confidence back up again and helped me with my fear of roundabouts! He is incredibly organised and always has opportunity for extra lessons if you want them.  I will definitely miss the good laugh and fun I had on my driving lessons. Thank you.

Hannah Haigh


I would highly recommend Martin if you are looking for the best driving instructor. It's has been a pleasure to be taught by Martin as he is extremely patient, encouraging and friendly. I am a very slow learner and Martin has been tailoring each lesson for me considering my weakness and strength.

I still remember how much scared I was to drive at the beginning and Marin has helped and convinced me to overcome that and I absolutely love driving now, it has been one of the luckiest thing that I have had opportunity to start my driving lessons with Martin, thank you so much Martin!
Lexi Butler

Martin is very easy to talk to and has made my experience of learning to drive an enjoyable one. He has been a great driving instructor, he has always been patient with me and given me lots of time and guidance with my driving and has always given me constructive feedback on my driving and always encouraged me to keep going. I would highly recommend Martin as an instructor! Thank you for all your help!
Jessica Gartside


From the start Martin was very easy to get along with, (good laugh) making it easy to enjoy learning to drive. From the start Martin was very organised and efficient so I felt I wasn’t stuck in the mud with it, always planning the next lesson and letting me know if there are any spare lessons I could fit in. The tools he gives to pass your theory test are very good, and helped me a lot! Due to the structure of Martin lessons, I was able to experience a lot of different driving styles. This I felt was crucial, as I thought the practical test was easier than anything I had done with Martin which means he prepares you well, giving you the confidence to drive!! I couldn’t recommend him enough. Cheers Martin!

Jack Middleton

I'd had lessons with someone else as a teenager but always found driving really stressful. Martin has a calm manner and explains everything (like manoeuvres) 
really clearly before you try it. This meant that I quickly started to enjoy my lessons and build up confidence, which helped me pass my test first time. I couldn't 
imagine a better instructor!" 
Daniel Baker 

I loved my time learning with Martin, he is an absolutely amazing instructor with a lot of patience. He would always put you first and make sure that you were comfortable before moving on and developing skills further which is something which I was worried about before starting to drive. I alike highly recommend to anybody wanting to learn to drive quickly and safely. Thank you!
Danielle McCloud

Martin was dead good! Very reliable, friendly happy chappy. Would recommend to anyone who wants to feel safe and comfortable when learning to drive!
Rachel Hanna

Martin is an absolutely brilliant driving instructor!!! He is also a top class bloke with a great sense of humour. Alongside this he is calm and patient making 
for enjoyable and stress-free lessons. Going from someone who had just turned 17 with no previous driving experience, to someone who had passed
their test within four months; as well as being a very confident and safe driver is all down to Martins great work and perseverance. I would definitely
recommend him to anyone wishing to start lesson because you can't go wrong! Thanks Martin for all your hard work!!

Conor Ledgeway

From day one Martin approached things in a calm, friendly and patient manner. Taking an very thorough approach he would not leave something alone until
I was 100% confident to do it. Rather than take the attitude of ‘how can I get you past your test?’, Martin’s approach throughout my lessons has been ‘how
can I make sure you are a safe, confident driver?’. Martin pushed me to deal with tricky situations and difficult areas so that when my test came around there
was nothing I hadn’t already faced and it felt like just another lesson. In the space of a few months I went from someone who hadn’t been behind the wheel
in nearly 15 years to today passing my test first time. I cannot recommend Martin enough.

Nick Middleton

While a lot of my peers had been driving for a couple of years, the prospect of doing so myself filled me with dread for a long time. After receiving a voucher for
some lessons with Martin, I finally took the plunge, as anxious I was about the whole thing. I had not had any sort of driving experience before starting my
lessons, so Martin has taken me through the process of learning to drive from start to finish. I have already recommended his services to work colleagues
and university friends as he has made driving enjoyable for me! Martin has a good sense of judging when you are comfortable with a technique/manoeuvre
and when you are struggling, even if you don’t verbalise it. He is also very supportive when getting to grips with the basics, and developing those skills further.
I would also say that Martin knows how to challenge you as a driver - you will never be bored during a lesson! I am now a person who can drive safely and
confidently, thanks to Martin’s work, an idea that 6 months ago seemed a surreal prospect!

Laura Thomas

After previously learning with another instructor and then moving to learn with Martin, from the very first lesson with Martin I could instantly see how good an
instructor he was. All of my lessons always started with a quick but thorough debrief about what was going to take place in the lesson, what I did last lesson,
and if I ever was unclear of anything he would then show me a visual demonstration on his IPad, and then make sure I was fully confident and calm enough
to set off, this being because of how nervous a driver I was. Regarding my nerves, I always struggled with the aspect of driving and the thought of being in
control of a car on a road, but Martin always calmed me down, praised me throughout his lessons and soon enough I developed into a confident driver and
was able to tackle my driving test. My driving test being something that I found extremely easy because of the confidence that I developed through Martin's
lessons, because he taught me how to cope in a wide range of driving situations. Overall Martin is an excellent instructor and also made lessons very
enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend him to everybody looking to learn to drive.

Gemma Robinson

After a twenty year gap since last failing a driving test. I was looking for a mature, skilled and above all brave driving instructor.

From first email contact it was clear that Martin was going to be able to offer all these things and more. After just one lesson my confidence was high and if Martin told me to do something it was completely safe to do so and he has faith in your abilities to do safely. Happy to answer any questions you have by using his vast knowledge or flipping through a wealth information and pictures on his Ipad. And even if you ask the question again later you will get the same detailed answer. Sure you can go with """'s School of motoring and drive around the back streets of York doing the bare minimum needed to pass your driving test. But I can say this with 100% confidence Martin will push you on every lesson shaping your skill set way beyond basics. So when you take you test you will find it easy.

Something I found this out first hand. When asked “So, anything you want to do next lesson?” It takes a brave soul to say “Just bring it!” Because he will. However I am all the better driver for it. Learning to drive is an important life skill. Don't cut corners (no pun intended). You will not regret using Martin Ellis.

Jon Hunter

Having had a few driving lessons two years prior to my contacting Martin, I decided that it was time to get over the nervousness. The response after my
initial message was almost immediate and I had my first driving lesson booked within the week, along with a link to a useful site that would help with
my revision for the Theory test and a link to his website that showed me what deals he had on offer (one of which I took up) along with some other useful
information. Martin was immediately a hit with me. His laid back, polite and always friendly and upbeat attitude meant that driving no longer felt like a chore
or a something to dread! Martin would always start his lessons with a brief overview of what we were going to do that day and before any new experience there
would be a clear explanation of how to approach it and a reassurance that no question was too 'stupid' (my word not his!) to answer. Martin encouraged me
to book my theory test early on so that booking the practical test could come as soon as possible. I still can't believe that I managed to pass but when I think
about how Martin painstakingly went through every manoeuvre and possible situation while in the car - I sort of can, and I have my first time pass to prove it :)
I cannot recommend Ellis Driving School enough - thanks Martin!
Lily Dickinson

Martin is an excellent instructor. He was endlessly patient and calm, but was also always gently pushing me to be as good as I could be, with the result
that I progressed much quicker than I expected. Martin doesn't just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you how to be a safe, confident driver, and I
would highly recommend him.
Lucy Abel

Martin is a great driving instructor, he delivers well structured and planned lessons, and gives constant helpful constructive feedback through out the lessons.
His calm and reassuring nature is confidence inspiring and helps you to progress as quickly as possible. Communication was excellent making it very easy
to book or schedule / re schedule lessons. Learning with Martin gives you access to some excellent theory revision material. I never felt intimidated or
nervous whilst driving with Martin, learning to drive with Martin was a very positive and easy experience, I would strongly recommend to anybody learning
to drive. Thank you Martin!
Al Mellor

Having had previous experiences with another driving school, I would highly recommend Martin as a driving instructor. He always encouraged me to improve
my abilities and always had a positive attitude. He was very calm, which helped me not to stress about driving too much.
Silvia Harvey

Martin is a superb instructor. His calm nature really helped me learn efficiently and at a pace that suited me. His knowledge and style of teaching are both
excellent and his clear & precise lesson plans are always spot on. Plus I don't think I've met a nicer guy. I've recommended Martin to all my family and friends 
and I've only ever heard positive things from them. He has given me the confidence and self belief that I need to be able to drive. I cannot recommend him 
strongly enough!
Oli Cook

I would recommend Martin to anyone wanting to learn to drive! I was really nervous about the whole thing but he made me feel really relaxed and no matter 
how many times I asked questions he never made me feel stupid. Probably the most patient person ever and he made learning to drive fun!
Emma Sutton 

I still can’t believe I passed but thanks to Martin’s excellent capability as an instructor and his patience, we were able to work through my lack of confidence 
and sometimes focus in driving. Martin has a friendly and warm manner so I always felt comfortable asking him any questions. It also did not matter how
many times I asked a question, Martin would always explain clearly from scratch either by illustrating on paper or on ipad or demonstrating it. Apart from
being very honest about my errors, Martin also encouraged me to talk through what I thought I had got wrong so we could improve on that area. Each
session was well structured so that I could practise areas I wasn’t confident in without neglecting other areas. So thanks again for pushing me to do better
and making my learning experience a fun one. I am definitely recommending you to any friends interested in learning!
Fiyin Babatunde

Having had zero driving experience prior to starting my lessons, Martin was the perfect driving instructor throughout my learning journey. He was extremely
patient and always delivered clear instructions and helpful feedback. He also paid close attention to the little details and was conscientious in correcting for
small mistakes that could potentially amount to bad driving habits. I felt that lessons with Martin not only provided me with the skills to pass my test, but also
with skills that would be extremely useful after my test pass i.e. a lesson on country roads and handling difficult steep roads. His calm yet approachable ]
demeanour make lessons an absolute joy and I even found myself looking forward to my weekly 2 hour lessons! As a naturally anxious and nervous
individual, Martin was quick to respond to my panicky nature and helped me to build the confidence I needed to pass my test in my first go I would highly
recommend Martin to anyone and am deeply grateful for having had him as my instructor!
Jesslyn Chee

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and giving me confidence on the road. I have learnt many skills whilst on my lessons and I hope to develop
these in the future. During the lessons he is always calm and patient and I've never felt out of my depth or unsafe when I've been driving. I passed my
practical test first time today all thanks to Martin who I would highly recommend to anyone who are wanting to start driving.

Thank you Martin!
Laura Mallan

Martin is a lovely teacher. He never gets cross or wound up, increases confidence every lesson and knows exactly what he is talking about. Thanks to
Martin, I passed my test on the first attempt, and despite my protestations about my abilities he had every confidence in me and as ever he was right.
I would highly recommend Martin to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much!
Lily Howells

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive, I really enjoyed my lessons and felt well prepared and ready for my test.  I hope to do the Pass Plus training in the future to give me confidence in driving on Motorways and in bad weather.
Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Lydia Sutcliffe

I would highly recommend Ellis Driving School to anyone who is wishing to learn the skills to be a safe and confident driver. Martin was such a joy to be
around, with his skills and knowledge he gave me the courage to become a strong, confident, independent driver. He always made me feel at ease but
at the same time he knew how to push me to my limits because he knew what I was capable of. Even if i felt like i had failed in any way he would always
know exactly what to do to bring my confidence and fun back into driving. Martin would always make the atmosphere calm and stressfree. I would describe
Martin in three P's Professional, Polite and Patient. I would not fault Ellis Driving School in anyway shape or form and this is why you should choose Martin
Ellis to be your driving instructor. No regrets. Thankyou for getting me though such an important time in my life.
Holly Kirby

I've been very happy learning to drive wirh you. I never once felt out of my depth or unsafe. You never got cross or criticise without saying something
constructive as well which I found really positive! Thank you!
Emily Roberts

I relocated to UK from Malaysia last year and needed to "convert" my Malaysian driving license to a UK license. I contacted Martin after seeing testimonials

on the internet. From the first contact, Martin communicated very clearly with me and was always reliable and punctual for our lessons. Martin's style is very friendly and easy to get along with. During the lessons, he is straightforward but always very calm and patient. He pays great attention to detail and is very
honest in his assessment - always encouraging me to focus on specific areas where I needed to improve my driving skills and help me transition to the
rules of the road in UK. Thanks to Martin, I passed my driving test at the first attempt
Nong Nud Ek Ling

I couldn’t have wished for a better driving instructor than Martin Ellis. I was quite nervous about starting my driving lessons, but he gave me the confidence I needed to become comfortable behind the wheel. He looks at the individual person, and together you move forward in the process of learning how to drive. The first lesson is in a parking lot, so you get a feel of the car itself, after which you built up more and more speed and maneuvers.

Martin is always in a good mood, trust me, I’ve had lessons at 7 in the morning and latest in the afternoon: he’s always cheerful and happy to get going. He’d never get angry if you’d make a mistake, but just helps you tackle the problem one more time so you trust in yourself that next time you won’t make the same mistake again. For me, my driving lessons were a really fun part of the week and I miss it already. I’d highly recommend Martin as an instructor, cause I feel really lucky to have had him.

Martin is a great instructor! Having recently moved to York I was in need for a driving instructor to pick up where my previous one left off. A friend of mine suggested Martin as he was a very experienced instructor and I was not disappointed, in the space of just over a month we had picked up from where I left off and proceeded to passing my test. I felt he made the whole process of learning and perfecting my driving very easy under Martin’s guidance and will quite happily recommend him to any of my friends that are looking for an instructor

After putting learning to drive off for years I decided to bite the bullet and learn I'm so glad I did! Martin was so patient and calm and helped me gain 
confidence in driving really quickly I totally enjoyed my lessons and always came away feeling I'd learnt such a lot, by The time it came to my test I felt
I knew all the test routes really well and there wasn't anything That I wasn't ready for! I keep recommending Martin to everyone who's thinking about
Thankyou so much Martin!


I found learning to drive a challenging experience but having Martin as my instructor also made it a fulfilling, rewarding and fun journey from start to finish. Martin is everything I could have asked for from an instructor – patient, supportive, encouraging and dedicated to my progress and success however long it took. He persevered to ensure I had the ability and confidence to pass my test and to be an efficient and responsible driver beyond that. Always reliable, helpful and friendly Martin provides an excellent service and value for money. I can’t recommend him highly enough and am so grateful to have had him as my instructor. Thank you Martin!

I never thought learning to drive would be an easy task. I remember being very nervous about my first lesson and I thought it would take me ages to even be allowed on the road. Martin made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and I learnt a lot more quickly than I expected! I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Martin.
He won’t limit himself to preparing you for your test. He will continue to challenge you and show you different roads until you feel 100% comfortable with your driving. Besides, Martin is always willing to have a friendly chat. You’ll almost feel like you’ve made a new friend!

Today I passed my driving test and I want to say thank you very much!


I would really recommend Martin as a driving instructor- he made me feel at ease and was very patient as I had no experience driving. Through lessons with Martin I gained confidence in driving and perfected manoeuvres so that I can drive safely.  I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you!

You are the best driving instructor that I have never met! You taught me how to drive safely in uk, I learnt a lot from you.
Although I had a Chinese driving licence, I learnt a lot of things from you which I didn't learn in my hometown.

My time learning to drive with Martin has been great from start to finish. I found him to be incredibly patient, kind and encouraging-
just what you need when learning to drive! I felt perfectly comfortable with him from my first lesson as he is just such a nice and
friendly instructor, which really speeded up my learning. When it came to my test I felt totally prepared for it, as Martin had invested
so much time in preparing me to pass the test on my first attempt. I can find absolutely no fault with my learning experience, all
thanks to Martin and would highly recommend learning to drive with him!

When i had completed my Practical Driving Test i chose to go with Martin Ellis for my Pass Plus experience because i had learnt
very well with him before. I enjoyed the challenging lessons, and felt comfortable taking on the new challenges, being talked
through what to do as i was doing it. I would reccommend all drivers to do the Pass Plus as it is well worth the money, and the
experience you gain while having someone experienced in the car with you is invaluable. It will also save you so much on your
insurance prices there is no point not doing it!

My time with Martin was brilliant, he was the first driving instructor I saw in England (having previous experience driving in America)
and I'm glad I chose to go with him! He made me feel at ease from the first lesson, and I made quick progress with him. I was
never bored during lessons, constantly being challenged with new driving techniques and manoeuvres to learn. And when it
came to test day I was very confident that I was going to pass it before I got into the car. I would definitely recommend Martin Ellis
over any other driving instructor. I will be doing my Pass Plus with him in a few weeks, and I can't wait to get back in the car!

Martin is a fantastic driving instructor. I was a complete beginner when I first started learning and since, Martin has only ever
been reassuring, supporting and completely respectful to me when I'm at the wheel. I felt completely at ease whenever I was
driving with him, as he is always friendly and talkative. Most importantly he was incredibly patient with my mistakes! He will only
send you to a test when he is 100% certain that you are ready and capable. I passed my test with 0 faults, which shows that he
knows what he is doing. If i were to learn to drive again, I wouldn't choose anybody else and I'm looking forward to receiving
further lessons with him should I ever need to build up my confidence for driving on the motorway. Thank you so much Martin!

Martin took me on as a driver with pretty much no experience whatsoever. Not only did he teach me how to drive safely, learn

how to do all my manoeuvres correctly and make sure to try and perfect everything before my test, but he also made me feel
incredibly comfortable whilst driving. He ensured I felt confident and comfortable with everything I was doing and made sure
we covered what I felt least confident with. I could honestly not have asked